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Dataset Information

Data available from 1994-01-01 to 2021-05-01
Source: Banco Central del Paraguay
This dataset includes Paraguay's monthly Indicator of the Economic Activity (IAMEP). It aims to provide signals in the short term about the evolution of the economy in constant terms. The IMAEP incorporates information preliminary and does not include all the information for the economic activities that make up the GDP, and should therefore be considered as an indicator of the trajectory of the Paraguayan economy in the short term. Information is also provided seasonally adjusted and at current prices. Both the original series and the one that excludes the agricultural sector and binational activities are presented. Base year is 2014
IMAEP Serie desestacionalizada
IMAEP Serie original
IMAEP Serie tendencia - Ciclo
IMAEP sin Agri. ni Bin. Serie Tendencia - Ciclo
IMAEP sin Agri. ni Bin. Serie desestacionalizada
and 1 more variables
Year over Year - 3 months moving average
Year over Year
Year over Year
Year over Year
Year over Year
Original Variable

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