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Dataset Information

Data available from 2004-01-01 to 2020-10-01
Source: INDEC
This dataset includes estimates of Argentina's gross domestic product on a quarterly basis in current and constant 2004 terms by category. Prices are in millions of Argentine pesos
[CP]-A - Agricultura, ganadería, caza y silvicultura
[CP]-B - Pesca
[CP]-C - Explotación de minas y canteras
[CP]-D - Industria manufacturera
[CP]-E - Electricidad, gas y agua
and 37 more variables
Constant prices
Constant prices
Constant prices
Year over Year - 3 months moving average
Month over Month
Year over Year
Year over Year
Year over Year
Year over Year
Original Variable
Seasonaly adjusted
Seasonaly adjusted - Month over Month

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