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Data available from 1950-01-01 to 2021-06-01
Source: OECD
This OECD dataset covers indicators for business tendency and consumer opinion surveys used in the calculation of leading indicators. Indicators cover manufacturing, construction, retail trade, and services. This includes business confidence indicators for each sector. The consumer opinion survey indicators include indicators on consumer confidence, expected economic situation, and price expectations. Data are expressed as a percentage of net balances, seasonally adjusted, or as an index (2010 = 100). Data are available from the 1950s onwards.
Construction - Business situation, Activity - Tendency - Balance, s.a.
Construction - Confidence indicators - Balance, s.a.
Construction - Employment - Future tendency - Balance, s.a.
Construction - Order books - Level - Balance, s.a.
Construction - Selling prices - Future tendency - Balance, s.a.
and 33 more variables
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