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Data available from 1980-01-01 to 2026-01-01
Source: World Economic Outlook
This dataset includes the Word Economic Outlook (WEO). Data comes from a Survey by the IMF staff usually published twice a year. It presents IMF staff economists' analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium-term. It considers issues affecting industrial countries, developing countries, and economies in transition to market; and addresses topics of pressing current interest.
Aluminum, 99.5% minimum purity, LME spot price, CIF UK ports, US$ per metric tonne - U.S. dollars
Bananas, Central American and Ecuador, FOB U.S. Ports, US$ per metric tonne - U.S. dollars
Barley, Canadian no.1 Western Barley, spot price, US$ per metric tonne - U.S. dollars
Beef, Australian and New Zealand 85% lean fores, FOB U.S. import price, US cents per pound - U.S. cents
Change in reserves - U.S. dollars
and 119 more variables
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