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Data available from 2007-03-31 to 2021-06-30
Source: Ministerio de Economía de Argentina
This data set includes Argentina's gross debt of the Central Administration on a quarterly basis. The information is disaggregated into Gross, IFIs, Private and Public Debt. Gross debt is computed by adding up performing gross debt (short plus mid and long term debt), deferred payment debt and Pending for restructuring debt. IFIs is made up of both international and oficial organizations. Besides, the FX rate is the "Comunicación “A” 3500" by BCRA, both end-of-period observation and annual average.
Gross debt % GDP (avg FX)
Gross debt % GDP (eop FX)
Gross debt USD
IFIs % GDP (avg FX)
IFIs % GDP (eop FX)
and 7 more variables
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