Manage your data repositories.

Store and manage your data with our repositories tools

Store and manage your data with our repositories tools

Data repositories are at the heart of Alphacast platform. Collect, transform, store, visualize and share your work

Work alone or with your team

Easily work with your team. Create collaborative datasest, charts, lists and dashboards.

Access your data anywhere and anytime

Data does no longer belong to a computer. No more maling data and endless back and forth. Data is everywhere, instantly.

Sell your premium data in our marketplace

Become a data Publisher and expand your revenue and reach thousands of new users.

Unleash your analysis

No more wasted time on compiling and processing data. Avoid iterative, error-prone, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks!

Repositories versioning and backups

Roll back to previous versions and manage the team work

Branch your data and create scenarios

Work on independent scenarios and roll back to the original data with one click.

Keep your repositories always updated

Your repositories will be always up to date. No more time consuming data mantainance. Explore Alphacast Premium Databases or search our marketplace for featured data

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