Insights and Dashboards

What's an insight?

“Insights” are pieces of content where you can combine text, charts, tables, or images to share your ideas. It can be anything you want. You can create:

  • Presentations
  • Dashboards
  • Recurrent reports

Insights – like charts and datasets - are stored in your repositories and can be created and edited by you or anyone in your team. Once published, they will have a permanent URL address that can be easily shared (more sharing options will be available soon).

To create and publish an insight, find and click the button “Create insight” on the “Insights” tab or from within the "Repositories" tab. The window on the left is the editor. There you can write, insert charts or format your insight. Follow the instructions already written to help you in the process.

Insights are created with Markdown language. For a full reference of markdown, features see here

Headers can be included by using #, ##, ###, #### Images can be inserted using the icon in the toolbar above

Explore the toolbar for more options: Bold, Italic, Underline, Striketgeough and more.

Alphacast charts can be added in by using '@chart' and '@Ncharts'. To paste an interactive chart, write '@chart' and find your chart and copy everything in the URL after

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Learn how to use alphacast

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