Teams and users

Managing your user

Once logged in, you can access your profile by clicking on your picture, on the upper right, next to the "Create new" button. In "View profile", you will be able to see your own insights, charts, datasets, and repositories or the ones from your team. You can also check who you follow on the platform. If you click on "Settings", you can modify your public data:

  • You can change the display name, write a brief description and add a profile and cover picture.
  • You can also see the email which you have logged in with and get your API key.

In the next section we will explain the access and the advantages of belonging to a team. To logout, you can do so by clicking "Logout", that is displayed on the options that appear when you click on your profile picture.


Creating and managing your team

On settings, you can also access the Teams tab. The main objective of this function is team collaboration between different users either to collaborate on a project or for a specific work area. When you belong to a team, the information will be visible only to its members. Create a New Team allows you to create your own team, give it a name, and add as many members as you like. To add them you can do it with the Alphacast username or with the e-mail. If you put the wrong user, you can easily remove it by pressing "Remove".


Even if you have already created the group, you can also change its members at any time. When you access the Teams tab, the groups listed appear, and there you can delete them with the delete option. If you do it that way, don't forget to hit save to update your changes.



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