Exploring Argentina's Gasoline Prices with Alphacast

Exploring Argentina's Gasoline Prices with Alphacast

By Francisco Fernández

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Want to stay informed about gasoline price fluctuations in Argentina? Then you're in the right place! AlphaCast gives daily access to accurate and reliable data from the Secretary of Energy, which allows monitoring the value of gasoline with high frequency.

Let's see what happened lately

Do you know that the price of gasoline can reveal clues about government strategies? When the real price lags, it may mean that the government is seeking to increase the population's purchasing power. Alternatively, if the real price rises, it is likely that the government is adjusting its accounts and correcting relative prices. So if you really want to stay informed about Argentina's macroeconomy policy you can't miss this data source.

The price of fuels has shown a declining trend throughout the presidency of Alberto Fernández, with a certain deepening during the last months. The real prices of Regular Gasoline and Premium Gasoline are approximately 25% below the values registered in December 2019.

Measured at the financial FX, the liter of Regular Gasoline went from an average value of USD 1.1 during 2016/2019 to USD 0.5 in the last time. The reduction of Premium Gasoline was from USD 1.3 to USD 0.6.

A look inside the country

At AlphaCast, we offer unparalleled specification power. You can explore prices by fuel type, fuel supplier, and the location where each value was recorded. Our data provides a level of detail and analysis that allows for an in-depth understanding of the gasoline market.

In Argentina, there is no homogeneous gasoline price, but rather a wide heterogeneity of prices among the different regions. Corrientes and Formosa are the provinces with the most expensive Regular gasoline and Premium gasoline prices. Meanwhile, prices are the cheapest in the provinces of the Pampas region due to cheaper transportation costs and lower taxes, among other reasons.

More relevant charts

In AlphaCast, users have the flexibility to create custom variables to analyze data. You can add as many variables as you need. We suggest a quick read on how to calculate variables and a complete list of all functions. In addition, you can work with other data sets by adding them in a single step for deeper analysis. Here is a series of key charts that can be easily made with AlphaCast

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