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Peru: Activity contracts 1.3% in March

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Peru monthly GDP estimate, produced by INEI, showed a 1.3 % contraction during March. It is the second contraction in a row (-0.3% in February), indicating that the Peruvian economy is showing signs of stagnation due to the worsening condition on the external sector, in the sense of the Ukranian War and the China economic slowdown, and the higher inflation. Trade contracted 13.7% in March, Fishing, 3.7 % and Oil and Gas Extraction and Mining contracted 2.29 %. Construction and Manufacture grew 4.51% and 0.79 % respectively.

Despite the recent slowdown, Peru is one of the countries that registered the highest rates of growth in the last decade (30 %), falling behind only to Colombia. However most of this growth happened before the pandemic. During the pandemic, Peru registered the largest drop of the region and since it's recovery it has been struggling to return to its pre-pandemic growth trend.

- Click here to access the INEI- Monthly GDP dataset.


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