Friday Update - June 25th, 2021

This was a short but intense week. This is a short summary of the news.

  • We spent most of the week stabilizing last week's launches and fixing bugs, including a critical one that prevented the data download on the datasets views.
  • Users are flowing in, with 71 new signups, but better than that we had our first user-created content. (@zayatalex) created an Argentina's Monetary Dashboard.
  • Remember that you can access the admin to create your own charts from the Repos you are watching and upload your own datasets.
  • We are finishing the API so you can upload the data directly into your Repos and will deploy it soon!
  • Next in line. Subscriptions and repos marketplace. Users can decide whether their repos are available for everyone, only for their team or for their subscriptions. We want to help publishers monetize their work!
  • Next Thursday we will make a Webinar to explain the new features. We will send more on this in another email.
  • A Brazilian economist is joining the team, and we will be pushing the content of our Brazil Repositories. Is there anything you would like to see in the data? Just let us know.