Friday Update - July 23rd, 2021

Alphacast is not only about downloading data. Our goal is to help analysts' teams create, distribute and monetize their own creations. Being able to work on your own brand is central to that and this week we are happy to show you some branding related-features

Creating Themes for your Repositories

Creations need to be different, unique. Premium users now have more customization options for the charts, so it will no longer be something like “A customer can have a car painted any color he wants as long as it’s black”. Users can define a Default Theme for a repository and everything inside will look like that. Available parameters are:

- Custom Color Palettes
- Font Family and color
- Background and chart area color
- Header text-align (left / center)
- Line Width and show/hide line markers
- show/hide horizontal axis Gridlines
- show/hide axis borders

Here are some examples of themes that can be created with these options

Theme 1.PNG Theme 2.PNG Theme 3.PNG Theme 4.PNG In Line Charts

New Chart Type: Line chart with two axis

One small step for men, one giant leap for chart flexibility!! Happy to publish our first new chart type since launch. Line charts with a primary and a secondary axis. Axis recalculates on the fly to maximize the chart area coverage.

two axis.png Capture.PNG

Alphacast in numbers

Alphacast now has more than 700 datasets. Argentina is still the country with the highest coverage (> 200) but check out how Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and the United States are gaining terrain

Topic coverage is more evenly distributed, with Activity, Monetary and Balance of Payments on top.

New Datasets

United States




Have a nice weekend!!