Monday Update - August 23th

Hi!! Another week is starting and we are happy to share with you what we are doing and recent progress in our product.


We had the second webinar in the cycle "Automating Economic Analysis" on Integrating Alphacast with R (see more on this below). You can see the recording of the webinar here (part 1 here).

This Friday 25/8 at 18:00 we will have the third webinar on integration with Python, API, Transformations, and pipelines. You can register for free here

Join the Marketplace Beta Testing

We are super excited about a major feature of Alphacast that has entered the Beta phase: The Repository Marketplace. Publishers will be able to upload their repos, data, charts, insights, or dashboards and offer them through the platform as they want: free, receiving donations, or with monthly subscriptions


The users will have a two-clicks experience to buy the products at the prices defined by the publisher and access all the content using the entire infrastructure of Alphacast: charting, API, excel add-in, R and Python integration, etc.

pay.PNG suscribed.PNG

Alphacast-R Package

Alphacast has an API for downloading and uploading data, creating and viewing repositories, and obtaining general information about datasets and other aspects of the site. The Alphacast R package provides an easy way to interact with it from the R programming language.

The library incorporates many functions such as:

  • Download Datasets
  • Get all datasets and "get_lucky_dataset"
  • Create Repositories and Datasets
  • Upload Data to the dataset
  • Monitor your processes

To learn more on how to install and use this R package follow this link.

More on data structure, pipelines and transforms.

As we described in our last Friday Update we are working on a major overhaul of our data structure that hopefully will be ready this week. We will discuss this in Wednesday webinar, but as a summary soon users will be able to:

  • Upload and download data with more than a single column used as entities (i.e data structure will accept entities defined as "country + state" or "asset_class + maturity_date" for financial derivatives information, or more than one level on BOP, Fiscal or inflation data.
  • With Pipelines users will have the option to create their own datasets derived from other datasets on the platform with frequency aggregations and transformations and mixing datasets. Every time the original dataset gets uploaded the pipeline will be triggered and auto-update the derived dataset.
  • With Transformations the user will have the option to apply standard data manipulations automatically as part of a pipeline. The transformation included so far are:
    • Current and constant prices
    • Variations: Year over Year, Quarter over Quarter, Month over Month.
    • Variations: 1-day change, 1-week change,
    • Per Capita (for nominal and real variables)
    • % of GDP
    • Cumulative sums
    • 7 / 30 days moving averages and sums
    • Local Currency Unit to USD conversion
    • Seasonal Adjustment

We are permanently adding new transformations. Any idea? Write us to at

New Datasets


Activity - Argentina - ANAC - Air Traffic

Activity - Argentina - ENARGAS - Consumo de gas natural

Labour & Income - Argentina - MTEySS - Minimum pension - HMJ

Labour & Income - Argentina - MTEySS - Universal Child Allowance - AUH

Activity - Argentina - MAGyP - Cattle Indicators


Activity - China - OECD - Gross Domestic Product - Quarterly


Activity - Ecuador - BCE - Monthly Economic Activity Index

Euro Area & European Union

Monetary - Euro Area - ECB - Interest Rates

Labour & Income - European Union - Eurostat - Labour Market - Unemployment Rate

Latin America

Activity - Latin America - Alphacast - Industrial Production - Monthly


Activity - Mexico - INEGI - Industrial Production Index

United States

BOP - USA - BEA - Balance of Payments

Luciano Cohan

Written by

Luciano Cohan

Co-Fundador de Alphacast. Ex Subsecretario de Programación Macroeconómica. Data Science. Creando una plataforma para el trabajo colaborativo en economías

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