SEIDO High Frequency CPI: Inflation was 1.1% WoW

Weekly inflation accelerates. Consumer prices increased 1.1% WoW (vs previous 0.7% WoW -revised-), while the monthly printing was of 4.2% MoM (from previous 3.9% MoM). Meanwhile, the interannual inflation increased to 52.9% YoY (vs 52.3% YoY).

Weekly core inflation accelerates. Its weekly printing was of 1.3% WoW (vs previous 0.7% WoW -revised-) while its monthly variation was of 4.1% MoM (vs 3.9% MoM). Regulated items price variation was 0.6% WoW (vs 0.0% WoW) and its monthly variation moved down to 3.1% (vs 3.5% MoM). Meanwhile, prices of Seasonal items increased 0.5% WoW (vs 1.2% WoW -revised-) and 4.9% MoM (vs 4.4% MoM).

Dollarized items weekly inflation also increases. The weekly printing was of 1.6% WoW (vs previous 0.9% WoW), while the monthly variation moved up to 4.3% (vs 3.8% MoM). Meanwhile, non-dollarized items inflation was 0.3% WoW (vs 0.8% WoW) and 4.1% MoM (same as previous week).

Food and Beverages weekly price increases also accelerates. Our monitoring of Food & Beverages shows a weekly variation of 1.7% (vs previous 1.0% WoW) and a monthly increase of 5.6% (vs previous 5.0% MoM).

The distribution of price changes was mostly stable. About 33% of our monitored prices are increasing 4% or more per month (vs previous 32%). Another 26% of prices are increasing between 2-4% per month (vs previous 25%) and about 41% of prices are increasing below 2% per month (vs previous 43%).