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We connect and structure more than 4000 Economic & Financial datasets

All the data you need, with the same format, structure, ready to use and combine.

Discover thousands of datasets by Alphacast, featured publishers, and the community.

Activity, Balance of Payments, Finance, Fiscal, Health & Education, Labour & Income, Monetary, Prices, Population and more.

Transform data with no code

You do not have to be a data scientist or developer to process, analyze or visualize the data.

Save time automatizing your daily work routines. Process the data with our pipelines engine and select from an extense transformations library

Create interactive Charts, Maps and Dashboards. Build your brand with custom themes


Create always up-to-date dashboards

Explore your data with dynamic visualizations. Dashboard are always updated with the latest data, the moment it is published

Explore and reuse Alphacast content, or anything you find on the platform

Build your brand with custom themes, standardize your themes. Pick colors and fonts and include your logo.

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Integrate with Excel, Python, R or other tool

You do not need to leave you preferred applications! Integrate Alphacast with your data flows to streamline your analysis.

Connect Alphacast datasets to Excel with just a couple clicks.

Use our Python Library and our API to interact with the data in Alphacast.


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Participate with our team in webinars to know more about alphacasat and how to unleash your data and reports. Also watch interviews with economical experts that shares their knowledge about economics, financial, and data analytics.

  • June 7th, 2024 - 18:30 ARG

    Equity Tracker en Alphacast

    Únete al webinar de Mariano Sánchez Moreno, Economista Senior en Alphacast, donde exploraremos diversas secciones, desde análisis de rendimiento hasta métricas clave como volatilidad y rentabilidad. Examinaremos también indicadores de solvencia y liquidez.


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