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We collect and curate information from hundreds of data sources. Statistical Bureaus, Central Banks, Treasury. Markets, and private sources. Seasonally adjustment, smoothing, filtering and interpolation, % GDP, currency conversion, constant prices, YoY, MoM, WoW, moving averages and much more.

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Manage your private repositories

Manage and store your datasets and mix your data with Alphacast DataHub. Upload data straight from Excel or via API. Share your work easily with your team or with the community. Keep your charts and workbooks always updated.

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Fully integrated platform for economic & financial analysis

Alphacast brings together everything that is required to analyze data seamlessly.
A complete platform delivered as a single application — one interface, one conversation thread, one centralized data store, zero headaches.

Connect your apps, automate your workflows and power your teamwork.

Data Hub

Automate downloading, process, transform & structure hundreds of sources.


Use public data sources, our premium databases, or third-party publishers data .

User data

Upload your own information and time series.


Connect via API with Power BI, Tableau, Python, use the Excel or Powerpoint Add-In or with CSV/XLSX.


Use our unique charts engine for dynamics visual in our web or embedded anywhere.


Collaborate and share datasets & charts instantly and navigate community created content.

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