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Covid Tracker

Basic COVID stats: Vaccination, death toll and cases.

Covid School Closures Monitor - Oxford University

Governments are taking a wide range of measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This list aims to track and compare policy responses around the world.

Public Debt Stats

SEIDO's Argentina public debt Charts including the debt profile, debt in local and foreign currency and more.

Public Opinion - Argentina

Alphacast monthly Argentina's public opinion survey: political figures’s images, Consumer Confidence Index and more

Public Opinion - Argentina - COVID19

Alphacast monthly Argentina's public opinion survey: Argentina: population concern, opinion on vaccines, and more

Activity - Main Indicators

Argentina's main activity indicators: Economic Activity, Industrial Production Index and more.

Inflation - Argentina

Argentina's Consumer Prices Index charts

World Economic Outlook

IMF World Economic Outlook, Maps and charts imports and exports, unemployment, GDP per capita and more.

Macro Update

SEIDO's macro research and forecasts: FX premiums, income and expenditure, commodities and more.

High Frequency CPIs

Alphacast Argentina's High-Frequency CPIs. Headline and core inflation, food and beverages prices, etc.

Balance of Payments

Argentina's Balance of Payments, graphics including trade in goods, financial and current accounts, and more.


Latin America's Fiscal monitor: fiscal expenditure, revenues, primary and fiscal results and more

Fiscal - ARG

Argentina's Fiscal monitor, expenditure, revenues, primary and fiscal results, and more


Argentina's and Latin America Foreing Exchange markets, international reserves and more.


Global markets, equity indexes, FX rates, commodities and more.


Argentina's monetary outlook, monetary aggregates, deposits and credit, drivers of change in money base, main interest rates, etc

Activity - Argentina - Industry & Construction

Argentina's activity indicators on industry and construction: ISAC, EMAE, etc

Activity - Argentina - Retail

Argentina's retail indicators: Supermarket survey and Shopping Mall Survey, classified by region and categories.

Activity - Agroindustry

Argentina's agroindustry charts: meat price evolution, soybean production, ending stocks and more.

Markets - Argentina

Argentina's markets, equity indexes, FX rates, commodities and more.

Activity - Argentina - Labour Market

Argentina's Labour Market charts: main indicators, by company size and sectors, etc.

Monetary - Argentina - Banking Sector & Rates

Argentina's Banking Sector & Rates, graphics include data about deposits and Interests Rates on Loans