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Begginers Guide

In this guide, we will guide you through the basics of Alphacast.

Start here to give your first steps in Alphacast.
Downloading your first dataset, Creating your first chart, Writing your first insight and more...


Dataset are where information is stored. Think of it as an excel spreadsheet, a Pandas Dataframe or simply as a table with rows and columns. They have one or multiple time series from one or many unique entities.

What is the content that I can find in Alphacast?
Alphacast hosts thousands of datasets from hundreds of publishers and sources. Find out more here
How can I search and download data in Alphacast?
There are many ways of discovering new data in Alphacast.
How can I create a new Dataset?
Uploading by hand from a CSV or XLS, automatically connecting it to a file in Google Drive, as a result of running a pipeline (read more) or Using the Python API or library. Find out more here
Dealing with data. Filter, edit, delete, and more
Learn how to manage and interact with datasets
Where do I find Alphacast open-source code?
The scripts that update Alphacast Featured datasets are open-source. Find out more here
Datasets FAQ
Datasets Frequently Asked Questions


With pipelines you can process the data within the platform. A pipeline is a sequence of steps, transformations and others to be applied to a particular dataset that has the characteristic of updating automatically every time a data is updated.

Creating pipelines dos and donts
General guidelines to pipelines creation
What are the available steps and what does each one do?
A comprehensive list of everything you can do with pipelines. Steps Library
How can I create my own formula with the Formula Editor?
The Formula Editor is a powerful and versatile tool that allows to create steps with complex calculations.
Pipelines examples and tutorials
How to Seasonally adjust your data?, how to merge datasets?, how to change frequency? see more here
Pipelines FAQ
Pipelines Frequently Asked Questions

Charts and Maps

With Alphacast visualization engine you can create interactive-annotated-easy-to-share-always-updated charts and maps.

How to create a basic chart?
Introduction to chart creation, variable selection, publishing and more
How to create basic maps?
Introduction to country and state maps creation
Advanced chart customization
Customize data, colors, texts, annotations and more
Charts and Maps Library
View a comprehensive list of chart / maps types that can be created with our engine
Charts and Maps examples and tutorials
Learn how to make the most of our chart and map engine
Charts and Maps FAQ
Charts and Maps Frequently Asked Questions

Reports and Dashboards

An insight is a flexible tool that allows you to create either Dashboards and Reports. Data y always up to date. You can combine text, charts, tables, or images to share your ideas.

How can I create basic dashboard?
Introduction to charts clipping and dashboard creation
How can I create basic report?
Introduction to insights creation, chart and imaged embedding, markdown editing and more
Reports and dashboards FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Insights and Dashboards


Integrate Alphacast with python, R, Excel, Power BI, Tableu and more. Learn to use our API.

How to integrate Alphacast with Excel or Google Sheets?
Introduction to insights creation, chart and imaged embedding, markdown editing and more
Alphacast API Documentation
The API allows to programmatically create repository, datasets and upload & download data from each dataset
How to use Alphacast Python Library?
pip install Alphacast and start your integration to python. Read more
How to connect Alphacast to R?
Frequently Asked Questions about Insights and Dashboards
How to connect to STATA or Power BI?
Connect Alphacast to third party apps very easily

Users and Security

Manage your profile. Grant permissions. Create team Workspaces.

How can I view and edit my user profile?
User Settings Frequently Asked questions
How can I edit and manage my content?
Repositories Frequently Asked Questions
How can I create teams spaces?
Teams Frequently Asked Questions