Activity - Mexico - INEGI - Monthly Gross Domestic Product Estimate

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Dataset Information

Data available from 1993-01-01 to 2021-04-01
Source: INEGI
This dataset includes Mexico's Monthly Economic Activity Index and its 14 subdivisions, grouped in primary, secondary, and tertiary activities
Actividades primarias
Actividades secundarias > 21 Minería
Actividades secundarias > 22 Generación, transmisión y distribución de energía eléctrica, suministro de agua y de gas por ductos al consumidor final
Actividades secundarias > 23 Construcción
Actividades secundarias > 31-33 Industrias manufactureras
and 12 more variables
Year over Year - 3 months moving average
Month over Month
Year over Year
Year over Year
Year over Year
Year over Year
Original Variable

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