Activity - European Union - AMECO - Gross Domestic Product and Unemployment rate - Yearly

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Dataset Information

Data available from 1960-01-01 to 2022-01-01
Source: AMECO
This dataset includes annual information for the countries of the European Union. The data include the consolidated gross debt and the net loans (pos) or net indebtedness (neg) of the general government as a percentage of GDP at market prices, as well as the gross domestic product (GDP) of each country at market prices of 2010 in the national currency of each country. The dataset also contains series of unemployment rates for each country.
General government consolidated gross debt - Excessive deficit procedure (based on ESA 2010) and former definition (linked series) - Percentage of GDP at market prices (excessive deficit procedure)
Gross domestic product at 2010 market prices - National currency
Net lending (pos) or net borrowing (neg) - general government - Excessive deficit procedure (Including one-off proceeds relative to the allocation of mobile phone licences (UMTS)) - Percentage of GDP at market prices (excessive deficit procedure)
Unemployment rate - total - Member States - definition EUROSTAT - National currency
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