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Data available from 1990-01-01 to 2021-10-01
Source: MAGyP
This dataset includes monthly information on the livestock sector by species in Argentina. The information available for each species is detailed below: Poultry and pigmeat indicators show: slaughter (thousands of head of cattle), production (thousand tons), imports (in thousand tons and thousands USD CIF) and exports (in thousand tons and thousands USD FOB), apparent consumption (production-exports+imports. In thousand tons), and per capita consumption (kilo/capita/year) since 2016. Among the bovine indicators there are: exports expressed in prices (in thousand of USD), value (In Cwe) and volume, apparent consumption (in thousand of tons), consumption per capita (kilo/inhabitant), and consumption per capita as movil average (kilo/inhabitant/year). In addition, it includes the production (in thousand of tons meat on the bone), slaughter bovine (in heads) and weight, price (live kilo in dollars and Argentinian pesos), steer meat, and proportion of females bovines. It also describes the movements of bovine full hacienda destined for wintering and those for the feedlot. Finally, it shows the production of milk in liters.
Carne Aviar - Consumo Aparente - miles tn
Carne Aviar - Consumo Aparente per capita - kg/hab/año
Carne Aviar - Exportaciones - miles U$S FOB
Carne Aviar - Exportaciones - miles tn
Carne Aviar - Faena - SENASA
and 58 more variables
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