Dataset Information

Data available from 1997-01-01 to 2024-04-01
Source: STN

nsfers by revenue breakdown and Total expenditure are determined by the concept of effective payment', which corresponds to the value of the withdrawal made in the Single Account. As of March 1, 2012, it includes resources to supplement the FGTS and expenses incurred with resources from this contribution (as provided for in Ordinance STN nº 278, of 19/04/2012). Note 3: FPM / FPE / IPI-EE mean Municipality Participation Fund (FPM), State Participation Fund (FPE) and Export Industrialized Products Tax (IPI-EE). Note 4: Fundef/Fundeb mean fund for Basic Education Development and Maintenance and for the Valorization of Education Professionals Note 5: Methodological Adjustment - Itaipu is transitional resources related to the amortization of Itaipu contracts with the National Treasury. Note 6: Methodological Adjustment - Cash-Accrual is Systematic of records in the tax statistics of subsidies and grants established in accordance with Judgments nº 825/2015 and nº 3,297 / 2015 of Federal Court of Accounts (TCU). In this new system, the Central Bank of Brazil started to incorporate the tax effects of these events on a monthly basis according to the criterion of competence in the calculation below the line, while the National Treasury records half-yearly impacts when the payment of the balances determined by the financial institutions operating the programs. Note 7: Nominal interest is determined by the 'below-the-line' criterion. Source: Central Bank of Brazil. Note 8: Central government nominal balance is determined by the 'below-the-line' criterion. It does not consider currency devaluation. Source: Central Bank of Brazil.'