Dataset Information

Data available from 1997-01-01 to 2024-04-01
Source: BCRA

This dataset includes monthly Raw Material Price Index (IPMP) measures the evolution of international prices of raw materials that represent close to 50% of Argentina exports.

The prices of agricultural commodities (corn, wheat, soybeans, soy pellets, soybean oil, barley, beef), oil (crude) and metals (gold, copper, primary aluminum and steel) are considered, weighted according to their share in total exports. The current weights are: This monthly series is spliced with previous monthly frequency data calculated from World Bank information from 1997 to December 2001, using the base Dec-01=100.

Agricultural (84.4%): Soybeans (10.7%), Soy Pellets (27.1%), Soybean Oil (10.5%), Corn (17.3%), Wheat (7, 8%), Barley (2.3%) and Meat (8.6%) Metals (10.8%); Gold (6.8%), Copper (1.0%), Primary Aluminum (2.1%) and Steel Products (0.8%) Oil (4.8%)