Wrangling Uruguayan economic data so you don't have to.


Econuy Premium Repository

econuy is data retrieval and processing platform that aims at making access to Uruguayan economic data as straightforward as possible. It centralizes information from multiple government organizations and processes several types of data sources to produce clear and informational tabular outputs, updated on a daily basis.

Right now you can access more than 60 datasets from econuy's public repository.

What will you receive with the subscription?

Custom datasets that contain statistics not available from government sources, such as tradable, non-tradable and core CPI, core industrial production, gross and net capital flows, country-relevant commodity price index, long-run spliced national accounts series and more.

Ready-made transformations that leverage econuy's transformation pipelines to provide quick insights. These include, for example, converting to % of GDP, seasonal decomposition and year-over-year changes.

In total, this suscription will provide an additional 52 datasets.