Dataset Information

Data available from 2003-01-01 to 2021-11-01
Source: Banco Central de la República Argentina
This dataset includes Argentina's monthly evolution of purchases and sales of foreign currency made by entities with clients through the exchange market and the operations carried out directly by the Central Bank, with the opening of the main account items current, capital and financial exchange rate, with breakdowns by sector and by type of operation. The data is expressed in millions of dollars The coding of the undefined variables can be found in the original excel file of the BCRA
Ajuste por tipo de pase y valuación
Cobros de exportaciones de bienes
Compra-venta de títulos valores
Concepto no informado por el cliente (neto)
Cta. finan. por sector - Cobro de exportaciones
and 176 more variables
% of GDP
Constant prices
Constant prices - Year over Year - 3 months moving average
Constant prices - Year over Year
Sum last 12 months
Year over Year - 3 months moving average
Month over Month
Year over Year
Original Variable
Seasonally adjusted

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