Dataset Information

Data available from 2015-10-01 to 2021-10-01
Source: INDEC
This dataset contains the Monthly Wage Index for Argentina. It estimates, based on the comparison of successive months, the variations in wages in both the public and private sectors in each month. In order to obtain salaries, a monthly survey is carried out among private sector companies, and information is collected in the corresponding administrative circuits of the public sector. Regarding the unregistered private sector, an estimate has been made of the evolution of their salaries based on the information obtained through the Permanent Household Survey (EPH). The evolution of salaries paid in the registered public and private sectors is disseminated with data as of November 2015. As of June 2017, the table of the series of the unregistered private sector salary index is added, with data from October 2016.
Sector privado no registrado
Sector registrado - Sector privado registrado
Sector registrado - Sector público registrado
Sector registrado - Total
Índice de salarios
Constant prices
Constant prices - Year over Year
Month over Month
Original Variable
Constant prices - Seasonally adjusted - Month over Month
Currency conversion LCU / USD - monthly

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