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Dataset Information

Data available from 2017-01-01 to 2021-06-01
Source: INDEC
This dataset includes information from the Argentine Supermarket Survey. It includes total sales at current and constant prices in millions of pesos as of January 2017. The information is also presented into thousands of pesos at current prices, by sales channel and means of payment, by item group, and jurisdiction. It is also divided by point of sale into units and thousands of pesos, per square meter and by operation according to jurisdiction in units and pesos.
Canal de venta - Canales online
Canal de venta - Salón de ventas
Estadisticas - Cantidad de bocas - Unidades
Estadisticas - Cantidad de operaciones - Unidades
Estadisticas - Superficie del área de ventas - m2
and 49 more variables
Year over Year - 3 months moving average
Year over Year
Original Variable
Seasonaly adjusted
Seasonaly adjusted - Month over Month