Dataset Information

Data available from 2006-09-01 to 2024-05-01
Source: IGBE

This dataset includes monthly Brazil Statistics of Agricultural Production. The Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production - LSPA provides estimates on planted areas, harvested areas, amount produced and average yield of selected products, based on the criteria of social and economic importance for Brazil. The list of products to be released was revised in the end of 2017, based on the following parameters: in order to be released in the survey, the product should represent at least 1% of the value of the national production or at least 1% of the Brazilian agricultural area. Based on such criteria, the new list of products investigated by the LSPA from 2018 onward comprises 18 products that represent, together, about 93% of the value of production and about 97% of the agricultural area in Brazil, according to the Municipal Agricultural Production - PAM survey related to the 2011-2013 triennium. The list of products should be reassessed every five years, also using PAM data.