Dataset Information

Data available from 1986-01-01 to 2021-07-01
Source: BCCh

This dataset shows Chile quarterly Gross Domestic Product by Expenditure Approach. The data are expressed in volume at prices of the previous year linked, spliced series, in billions of linked pesos (reference 2013) . Data is presented in different units according to the following subdivisions:

  • Current_prices_orig: billions of pesos
  • 12_gdp: percentage of GDP
  • Current_prices_sa_orig: billions of pesos
  • 2013_prices_orig: billions of pesos chained
  • 2013_prices_sa_orig: billions of pesos chained
  • Agregados de Inversión en relación al PIB - 12_gdp: percentage of GDP

Reference year is 2013

Data is classified in total consumption, gross capital formation, good and services exports, goods and services imports, intern demand, and some subgroups within them.