Dataset Information

Data available from 1944-02-01 to 2024-05-01
Source: FGV

This dataset contains monthly information on general prices indexes produced by FGV. The IGP-DI records the pace of price evolution as a simple measure of national inflation. It is a traditional simple structure index, which began to be released in 1947, but the beginning of the historical series goes back to 1944. Initially, it resulted from the average between the wholesale price index (IPA) and the consumer price index (IPC) ) In Rio de Janeiro city. From 1950 onwards, it had one more component, the civil construction cost index (ICC), then restricted to the city of Rio de Janeiro. The IGP-M started to be calculated in June 1989, by order of Andima. The goal was to make the results available at the end of each month. Two previews of the IGP-M and its components are released, with ten-year data. In the first 10 days, the information collected in the first ten days of the reference period is compared with that of the 30 days immediately preceding it. In the second ten-day period, the first 20 days are considered compared to the same base.The IGP-10 and its components - IPA-10, IPC-10 and INCC-10 - follow the same methodology as the IGP-DI and its components. The difference lies in the collection period, which is from the 11th of the previous month to the 10th of the reference month.