Dataset Information

Data available from 1970-12-01 to 2024-04-01
Source: BCB

This dataset contains monthly information on the International reserves produced by the Central Bank of Brazil. data are in USD Millions. International reserves comprise the country's readily available foreign assets held by the Central Bank of Brazil for the purpose of financing any balance of payments deficits. he time series present the following components of foreign assets in the liquidity' concept, made available monthly from January 2000:

Reserves in convertible currencies - total - represents the sum of assets invested in bonds and in the form of time deposits.

Reserves in convertible currencies - bonds - comprise the various types of bonds, such as notes, bills and bonds, including bonds representing the Brazilian external debt. As of November 2000, bonds are accounted for at market price.

Reserves in convertible currencies - currency and deposits - record deposits in current, overnight and fixed-term accounts.

Reserve position at the IMF - represents Brazil share of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), subscribed in convertible currencies. It is the first credit used by countries in case of need for balance of payments financing.

DES - are the credits in Special Drawing Rights distributed by the IMF, in proportion to the subscription quotas of each member country.

Gold (including gold deposit) - comprises monetary gold (held by the Central Bank) valued at market price. Only gold with an international standard is considered.

Gold (volume) - represents the amount of troy ounce of available gold and gold deposits. Excludes non-standard gold.

Other reserve assets - total - comprises the sum of: derivative instruments, loans from non-bank non-residents, banknotes and currency and securities acquired with repurchase agreement.

Other reserve assets - derivative instruments - represent the net balance of investments in forwards, futures, swaps and options.

Other reserve assets - loans from non-bank non-residents - comprise the credit balance of the Reciprocal Credit Agreement (CCR).

Securities acquired with repurchase agreement - modality introduced in January 2002, refers to securities acquired with mandatory repurchase upon the maturity of the operation. On the other hand, securities sold with a repurchase agreement are excluded from reserves.'