Dataset Information

Data available from 1960-01-01 to 2024-05-01
Source: Banco de la República de Colombia

This dataset includes Colombia monthly international reserves measured in USD millions. It is disaggregated in gross and net reserves and they are also calculated using the IMF methodology.


  • As of January 4, 1999, obligations of less than one year with non-residents are classified as short-term liabilities. Therefore, they were excluded of short-term liabilities, liabilities with the Government, other entities considered as residents, and liabilities with international organizations (IDB and Caribbean Development Bank) because they are long-term liabilities.

  • As of June 2019, the resources in dollars of the Government in the Banco de la República are registered in accounts other than those of the reserves international funds, and as of December 2019, all the Government's foreign currency resources in Banco de la República will be they are accounted for outside the Bank's balance sheet, therefore, they are not part of the international reserves.

  • As of October 2008 and following the methodological criteria established in the IMF Balance of Payments Manual, for reporting purposes to the IMF, contributions to the Latin American Reserve Fund FLAR are excluded from the balance of international reserves. The series were reprocessed from 1981. However, in the accounting information of the Banco de la República, the contributions to FLAR continue to form part of the reserve asset.