Dataset Information

Data available from 1985-03-31 to 2024-03-31
Source: FED

This dataset includes Charge-off and Delinquency Rates compiled from the quarterly FFIEC. The charge-off and delinquency rates presented on the Federal Reserve Board's web site are calculated from data available in the Report of Condition and Income (Call Report), filed each quarter by all commercial banks. Charge-off rates for any category of loan are defined as the flow of a bank's net charge-offs (gross charge-offs minus recoveries) during a quarter divided by the average level of its loans outstanding over that quarter. The delinquency rate for any loan category is the ratio of the dollar amount of a bank's delinquent loans in that category to the dollar amount of total loans outstanding in that category. Delinquent loans are reported on schedule RC-N and total loans on schedule RC-C.