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Hands On: How to use Alphacast to monitor SMEs financing?


By Francisco Fernandez More Alphacast Highlights available at this link The Argentine economy has a significant part of its production, employment, and consumption destined to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). To understand their economic and financial situation, especially considering the scarcity of relevant high frequency official statistics, it is possible to use data on their financing. For this special segment of the economy, ECHEQs are fundamental - and Alphacast has a real-time updated Stock Market dataset of them, discriminating by maturity, asset type, and currency. The complexity of the dataset, in addition to the amount of data and variables available, makes it crucial to know how to process and analyze them. Therefore, in this hands-on guide, we will show how to filter the data, transform them, and present them graphically for their best use. For this, we will use the Alphacast pipeline engine to transform and plot data from guaranteed ECHEQs. Since the source is available in our database, the information is updated regularly and automatically, as soon as it is made public - both in the original dataset and in all uses. Step by step First, we start by creating a pipeline. This is simple: select "create new", then...