How can I create a basic dashboard?

Here you will find some examples that will be useful when building your own dashboard

Saving charts on your clipboard

Before you start creating your first dashboard, it's useful you preselect the charts that you want to work with using the clipboard. The clipboard allows you to have all the charts you want to add at hand. Access it via the hook button at the top right of the screen

For that, you will have to click on the clip chart button below each graphic and voila, it is already saved in the clipboard.

Dashboard --> clipping charts


In case you want to use charts from another dashboard, don't forget to make the chart interactive so you can clip it.

Dashboard --> Switching to Interactive


Starting point

To create and publish a dashboard, find and click the button in the upper right of the site "Create New" and select "Insight". The window on the left is the editor. There you can add a title, subtitles, and all the charts you want to visualize on your dashboard. The window on the right shows a previsualization of the left side.

Follow the instructions already written to help you in the process but delete them to start editing!

Headers can be included by using #, ##, ###, #### Alphacast charts can be included by using '@chart' and '@Ncharts'. Then paste the URL of the chart you want to include Images can be inserted using the icon in the toolbar above Explore the toolbar for more options: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough and more Insights are created with Markdown language. For a full reference of markdown, features see here

GIF 1.gif

Adding charts from clipboard

Once you have already clipped all the charts you are interested in, it is time to add them to your dashboard! To do this, you have to click on the clipboard button and swipe the charts to the left one by one. It is not so important to keep the order since later you can order them as you want! Drag and drop the charts to add them to the insight.

Then click on switch to dashboard view to see what your dashboard would look like

GIF 4.gif

Sorting and rescaling

you can change the order of the charts by dragging them from one position to another and you can also resize from the bottom right corner of each chart to have a better view of your dashboard as seen below

GIF 5.gif

Publishing and sharing your dashboard

Once you are done customizing your dashboard you can publish it.

If your repository is private, you can choose between two options: Restricted (your dashboard is restricted to users with repository access) and anyone with the link (Even users without access to your repository will be able to read your dashboard. It will not be listed to public users.).

If your repository is public, your dashboard can be seen by everyone. Also, you can tag your dashboard so it will be easier for the community to find it.

Then, you are ready to PUBLISH IT!

Last but not least

What is most important about our dashboards is that you don't have to update the data every time you want to check it! The dashboards in Alphacast are automatically updated every time new data comes out!!


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