Charts and Maps

Intro to Charts and Maps

With the Alphacast's tool, you will be able to transform your data into useful and visually attractive information in an easy and fast way. You can create and customize different types of graphs or dynamic maps in just a few minutes. Next, you will see the different options available to create and share.

Map chart

State Level Maps

We added Sub National level maps. You can easily map the data by having the state/province as your entity. The editor will recognize the state/province and map it accordingly and if it doesn't you can match your data with the map geographies. World Map, US, Brazil & Argentina are already on board and we are adding new maps on a daily basis. If you need a specific map just let us know!

Line chart

Scatter plot

Time Scatter

Stacked area

Discrete bar

Slope chart

New charts and editing options

Many many many new options for charting. From the chart editor now you can: mix graphs with bars and lines, add a secondary axis on any series, select the position of the legend, font family, color, axis width, hide markers and gridlines, smooth lines, stacked and unstacked bars, and more. Now, you can make multiple chart from one chart!



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