Charts and Maps

Creating charts & maps

With the data uploaded you can create a chart, both from your data and from public repositories that you are watching. There are dozens of options such as line chart, scatter plot, stacked bar, or map chart, among others. You can create and share a chart in simple steps.

Variables selection

Firt, to create a chart from "My Public Repo"select "New Chart". Or you can also access by clicking here. It automatically leads you to the chart editor. Here, you can select the type of graph and the variables that you want to use. If you click on "Add variable" you will be able to select the variables that you want to include.

In the "Repositories" tab, your own repositories and those watched appear. If you select one of these, it will lead you to a list of variables that the selected repository includes. Also, if you want, in the search option you can look up for the name of variable specific and once selected, click on "set variables".

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Customize the chart

On the left side of the chart, there are different options to edit it. In the Basic tab below "chart type" you can change graphic style at any time. At the bottom, in "Add Variables " is the Y-axis variable list, where you can make changes for each variable. If you select a variable and click the arrow to the left, you have the option of making different changes such as change the name, unit of measure, or unit conversion factor. You can also remove it by selecting the cross to the right of the variable.

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In the "data" tab you can choose whether users can or cannot change data. In "data to show" by selecting the brush to the left of each variable you can change the color.

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In "Text" tab you can modify header and footer, and add related and misc. The title of the chart describes, by default, the period it covers. To remove it, select the option "Hide automatic" time/entity/p/alphacast/examples. Also, you can add a subtitle with additional information to interpret the graph.

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The "Customize" tab allows you to configure the axes, change the legibility of the legend and change the time frame. Sometimes it is useful to have the option of relative change, stacking or cumulative sum on the chart. These options can be added in controls.

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