How to connect to STATA or Power BI?

Connecting Alphacast to other tools is really simple using the following steps

When you navigate through Datasets in Alphacast, you will find a Download link (you have to be logged in). If you filter variables, download links will consider variables selection, and only filtered variables will be downloaded. You will now find an option to download Comma Separated Values (CSV):

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 12.31.17 PM.png

Right click on the CSV Download link, and choose "Copy Link Address". You will notice the URL already has your personal api_key, and should not be shared publicly with other users, outside your team.

It will look like this


Connecting to STATA

Data can be connected to STATA with a single line

insheet using "THE_URL"

Connecting to Power BI

Integrating Alphacast with Power BI is straightforward. You will need the complete URL for the dataset that you want to integrate, which you can find by clicking the Download button and then copying (not downloading!) the URL attached to a TSV file.

Once you have the corresponding URL, you should click on “Get Data”, and then “Web”. powerbi1.png

Then paste the corresponding URL and click “Accept”. powerbi2.png

If the data previsualization looks ok, click “Load”. Otherwise, you can make changes by clicking on “Transform Data”. powerbi3.png

Tip: Check out the decimal separator before trying to integrate Alphacast with Power BI. Alphacast uses English configuration but if your Power BI uses Spanish configuration, it can cause problems because it will interpret commas as a decimal separator and periods as thousand separator. To address this, go to Settings & Configuration and change the regional configuration. You can change this globally (for all Power BI files) or locally (for a specific file).

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