March 2021

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    Alphacast Friday Update - September 3rd

    Hi friends! This was an exciting week with lots of updates on multiple fronts. As we remain focused on our upcoming Marketplace release, we also have other news to share:

    Webinars: It's a wrap!

    We are super grateful for the community response we had with our first Webinars series. We had almost

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    Alphacast Friday Update - August 27th

    Another week is coming to an end. We had a great response to our Beta Testing call for the Marketplace. We don't want to overhype but big players already confirmed to be part of it. On top of that, let us share some other great news.

    Webinars, Brazil, and ALPHATON

    We had

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    This is a test of how arranging content aside works

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    Data Ingestion

    The current version of our API, allows for datasets to be uploaded into our platform. However, we used a different internal process for ingesting data from public sources, which allows us to perform data transformations, aggregation, and further manipulation. We are now isolating such processes allowing for data to be "Adapted" into the final Dataset. As we

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    Importing data into Excel

    Excel allows to add data from different sources. We offer our Alphacast Excel Add-In to simplify the process of downloading data. However, some customers may not have the chance to install an Add-In. Here you can find an alternative way to embed data into Excel, by using our TSV data source:

    Getting TSV download

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    Friday Update - July 16th, 2021

    Alphacast ultimate goal is to make analysts' teams collaborate better, and this week has to do a lot about that vision. These are some highlights that we would like to share with you.

    Creating repositories

    Many teams work with lots of data. And many times with charts and notes associated with that

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    Alphacast Permissions

    The present document describes the way that users can interact with content within Alphacast, based on their permissions levels.

    Entities within Alphacast

    • User: an individual user logged in to the Alphacast platform that can access and create content.
    • Team: a group of users within Alphacast. Content can also be published under a team name