Alphacast Friday Update - August 27th

Another week is coming to an end. We had a great response to our Beta Testing call for the Marketplace. We don't want to overhype but big players already confirmed to be part of it. On top of that, let us share some other great news.

Webinars, Brazil, and ALPHATON

We had our third Webinar in the Cycle "Automatizing Economic Analysis" this time about integration with Python, APIs, pipelines, and transformations. Miguel Saez had an open architecture discussion showing some working of our data engine.

First Webinar 1:

Second Webinar 2:

Third Webinar 3:

Next week we will have the last webinar about scraping data from the web to complete the automatization process.

What's down the road? We are working on a round of Webinars in Brazil with our College Lucas Costa from Brasilia and.....THE ALPHATHON!

Pipeline Editor

As we showed in the Webinar, the pipeline editor is almost ready for production. You can create new datasets from any dataset applying transformations to the original data, and the new dataset will be automatically updated every time the original data is updated either by alphacast or by yourself. You can even create pipelines from datasets created with pipelines and, down the road in our development plans, also joining multiple datasets.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-27 at 17.43.09.jpeg


MINAMI's design ideas

Our design print with Minami is advancing and some great ideas are coming to the surface. We are working on a new UX structure with 4 different sections: Create (your workspace with your data, your charts, your insights), Explore (datasets and repos), Learn and Social (insights, discussions, likes, follows, etc).

We are seeking to simplify the creation process of insights, charts, and datasets. Everything will be much more integrated, avoiding the back and forth between exploring datasets and creating charts and finding new data, and adding that chart to and insights. We are exploring the idea of a "floating workbench", like a clipboard or shopping cart where you can send your charts and data for later use.

Also, we want to create a more guided learning experience, help the user create content with templates, examples, step by steps guides, and tutorials.

We have identified two key exploring experiences in Alphacast, and we are working on them independently. Exploring data (searching datasets and repo will be easier with tags and categories) and exploring insights and ideas, where the core of the experience is related to user profiles, reputations, discussions, a broader social experience.

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Have a nice Weekend

Miguel Saez

Written by

Miguel Saez

One of the guys building Alphacast. Hope you enjoy it!

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