Alphacast is expanding to Latin America!

Explore Alphacast to discover hundreds of new datasets and analyze the macro and financial dynamics of major economies. Keep track of daily events with the new dashboards and learn how to enhance your own work with our guides and tutorials.


New Macro Dashboards

Alphacast now hosts thousands of Latin American Datasets for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. For each country, we have created an interactive dashboard with at least 30 charts to keep up to date with the short-term economic outlook. Dashboards are updated every day with the most recent data.

Remember that you can copy and clone everything you see on those dashboards. Create your own charts or pipelines to transform the data, add your own format and colors and branding. Feel free to reuse everything at your own will. Click on the country name to access its dashboard:

Argentina - Brazil - Chile - Colombia - Mexico - Peru - Uruguay

Beginners' guides to Latin America Data

For every country, we have made a selection of the most relevant and popular datasets. Follow the beginners' guidelines for each country to discover hidden data gems and sources. Find out what are the most relevant datasets to track activity, prices, money and banking, and fiscal, external, and financial sector.

Argentina - Brazil - Chile - Colombia - Mexico - Peru - Uruguay

Learn how to create your own macro dashboard in a few minutes

In this video you will learn how to clip charts to create your own custom dashboards

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