Tourism Mexico

Tourism Mexico

By Francisco Fernández

Tourist arrivals to Mexico have experienced an astonishing increase after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays around 33 million tourists visit Mexico each year and the government is expecting to reach nearly 40 million people throughout 2023, an unprecedented level. The country's diverse and captivating attractions, such as its rich cultural patrimony, impressive natural landscapes, and world-renowned gastronomy, attract travelers from all over the world. As a result, Mexico has become a top choice for domestic and international tourists, reaping the benefits of a booming tourism industry and contributing to its economic growth and development.

Tourism plays a crucial role in Mexico's economy. The recent increase in tourist arrivals has significantly strengthened the country's foreign exchange inflow and driven job creation. Thus, the share of the activity Temporary accommodation and food and beverage production in the total GDP follows an upward trend after the pandemic: in 2022 it reached a figure of 2.2%, but still lower than its 1993/1994 peak.

In particular, the sale of services to foreign tourists has reached historic highs. In addition, there has been a notable increase in domestic tourism, with higher domestic tourism consumption by Mexican residents. The combined effect of increased foreign and domestic tourism has created positive dynamics, fueling economic development and presenting ample opportunities for the growth of various sectors linked to the gastronomy and hospitality industries.

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