Alphacast Thursday Update - December 30th

This short week between Christmas and the end of the year was highly productive. We'd like to share with you some news on Alphacast

User Survey

We received great feedback from you with the user survey. We now have a better understanding on what is the value given to the different features of the platform. This is a critical input for us. Thank you all for the time you spent answering it. We really appreciate it.

If you did not answer the survey and would like to do it now please follow this link

Among the most requested feature in the survey was having the ability to print and download the insights to PDF. You can now do that! Next to the "Open in Fullscreen" link, you will find the option to print the insight.


Tags on datasets and insights

Tags, tags, tags. You have also requested to have the ability to organize your data easier. Users can now add tags to datasets and insights and we will soon add the experience to search and explore tags.

Tags on datasets


Tags on insights


Multiple charts on a single chart and other features!

We have also done updates to our chart engine.

You can now create multiple chart charts. You can split your charts moving your series up and down and combining lines and bars. To do so, when choosing the variables in the "Basic tab" in the charts editor you can click on "Select in which chart will this data be rendered"

You can also stack and unstack the series, and choose whether you want the stack to be just an addition or to rescale it to add to 100%


Annotation: New Features

Based on the request from the survey, there are now new annotations available to add to the charts. You can now include Horizontal and Vertical Lines and Text


Happy new Year!!! See you on 2022!

Luciano Cohan

Written by

Luciano Cohan

Co-Fundador de Alphacast. Ex Subsecretario de Programación Macroeconómica. Data Science. Creando una plataforma para el trabajo colaborativo en economías

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