Alphacast Friday Update - October 8th, 2021

This was a great week. We managed to launch three major features (see below) and lot's of minor improvements that are having their impact on performance and an overall less buggy experience (for the users and for ourselves).

Alphacast Python Library

The new Alphcast Python Library is finally here!

just "pip install alphacast" and you can start downloading and uploading and creating without having to read all the API documentation

Downloading data is as simple as

    from alphacast import Alphacast
    alphacast = Alphacast(YOUR_API_KEY)
    df = alphacast.datasets.dataset(dataset_id).download_data("pandas")

you can also create datasets with the library, and upload data to your repositories with:


See the full documentation here:

Sync Now

Our data update scripts run every day at night. We search hundreds of websites and upload the data into the repositories. Sometimes once a day is not enough. If you know that a number has been published but you don't see it reflected on the dataset you can now ask the dataset to Sync Now. This will tell the crawlers "go fetch the data now". It may take a couple of minutes to update we believe, but we expect this to have a major impact on data readiness.


Followers and Following.

You can now follow other users and users can follow you!! Following a user is the first step to a better and more customized user experienced when navigating the platform. Next week, for instance, we will launch a new "insights explorer" experience, where the current endless wall will be replaced by more relevant content (i.e. those you follow, staff picks, trending insights, etc).



We did a new webinar covering last month updates including

  • New search filters
  • Simplified connection to Excel
  • Simplified creation of Charts
  • Pipelines, interpolation, and aggregations
  • Alphacast Python library to download and upload data.

This is the video (in spanish):

Have a nice weekend!

Luciano Cohan

Written by

Luciano Cohan

Co-Fundador de Alphacast. Ex Subsecretario de Programación Macroeconómica. Data Science. Creando una plataforma para el trabajo colaborativo en economías

Repo with the log of updates to the website and dataset.


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