Alphacast Friday Update - February 18th

Hi! It's been a couple of weeks since our last update. We are eager to show you our recent work.

We have reached 1,500 users!!

We are very happy to see our community growing. Seven months after relaunching and opening the platform in June 2021 we have reached 1.500 users. You are not only downloading data but also, at a growing speed, creating content. There are now almost 500 user-created datasets, that complement the 1.500 coming from the Alphacast Team.

We are very grateful for your support and engagement

total-signups (2).png


Finally, the new explore experience is here. We have been working on making it easier to discover new data on the platform in three ways:

  • A new Home for the Explore section, where you can navigate categories, trending datasets, new content and have a more comprehensive view of what can be found on Alphacast.
  • Recommended for you: We have been doing some data alchemy to find out what you may be interested in based on your behavior on the website.
  • Improved search results: The search results from the top bare are getting smarter and smarter. Check them out!


Alphacast "Automation of economic and financial outlook analysis"

Last week we've announced a new two-months course, starting in March, and we had an amazing response with more than 700 subscriptions. If you like to subscribe just fill out this form. Given that most of the subscriptions are from Latin American countries, the course will be given in Spanish. If you are not fluent in Spanish please leave us a comment in the form and we will organize new courses in English.


New Pipelines Engine stabilization

Behind the scenes, we have been stabilizing the new pipeline engine, fixing multiple bugs, and improving overall performance. We have been populating the Learning Center with examples and use cases:

We have also been responding to users' requests and working on new steps that will be available soon, such as Technical Analysis or Backtesting tools, Principal Components Analysis, Hodrick Prescott Filters, and more.

Stay tuned for more news!!

Luciano Cohan

Written by

Luciano Cohan

Co-Fundador de Alphacast. Ex Subsecretario de Programación Macroeconómica. Data Science. Creando una plataforma para el trabajo colaborativo en economías

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