Alphacast Friday Update - April 1st, 2022

March and Q1 have come to an end and, when we compare the platform today vs. what we had just one month ago we see changes almost everywhere! Let us do a short recap of what happened in the last two weeks.

A new, super-powerful formula editor: Group, rolling windows, time functions and much more.

The "Calculate Variable" is getting VERY powerful and versatile allowing more complex calculations to be done with a simple excelish formula parser. See the full list of formulas here

The first step is to create a pipeline (click on "Create new --> Pipeline" on the top right) and select a data source, followed by "add step below --> Calculate Variable"


Video Tutorial (In Spanish)

The editor is really powerful, just to catch a glimpse on some formulas that can be created

log(@Close)+ sqrt(@Volume))

Example: Calculate for each ticker the cumulative price change vs the first price 
@Close / first(@Close, @Ticker)

Example: Calculate the cumulative sales per salesperson
cumsum(@sales, @salesperson)

Example: Calculate for each date the share of sales explained by each product vs the total sales of that date
@sales / sum(@sales, @date)

Example: calculate the 20 day moving average for each ticker
rollingmean(@Close, 20, @Ticker)

Example: Extract the year from the date entity

Revamping of the chart editor, chart view, dataset view, and landing page.

The flow of navigation between sections has improved dramatically. You will notice the better speed and lower loading times. Also, there are now homogeneous styles between all the sections. No more the odd "what's going on" feeling when entering the charts editor or when viewing a chart.


New Home section

Hearing feedback from our users we have updated the content in the Home Section. With these changes now it's much easier to find your content and the content you've been working on

You will now find

  • Your Followed Datasets
  • Your latest insights, pipelines, and datasets
  • Your repositories and those of your teams


A growing community

We have seen impressive engagement in Alphacast. We are about to reach 2.000 signups and users are creating datasets, pipelines and charts as never before. We are sincerely grateful for the support that you are giving us

If you would like to give us some feedback, we would like to hear from you with this short survey

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