Activity and Employment in Argentina: Goods and Services

By Gabriel Caamaño @GabCaamano

"I had forgotten to share this previously. It's clear that, as has been said, since the reopening after the second wave, the economy is being boosted by services recovering from the pandemic. Goods, already in pre-pandemic levels, have been stable for a few months."

"This will continue in September and October (last activity data, EMAE, is from August). Therefore, it is clear that this is a relay race that can't be perceived from the aggregates, and even pre-2018 and 2019 BoP crisis levels are far away."

Activity - Argentina - Activity and Employment in Goods and Services

Activity - Argentina - Activity and Employment in Industry and Construction and Other Sectors

Maia Mindel

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Maia Mindel

Macroeconomic analyst at Alphacast. Following inflation, activity, and trade.

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