Alphacast MEGA Update - November 5th

HI! We've been silent for a couple of weeks because we have been working on some major features of the platform that we are happy to announce. Here we go: Search experience, Google Drive + Excel, new Insights view, Staff Picks, and profile pics, New Publishers (Econviews / CREEBBA). new chart types and editing options, new maps, annotations

New Search experience

We've made a complete overhaul of the search experience. The "Search" now looks for results in all the assets classes (insights, datasets, variables, repositories, users) and will provide more precise results throughout the platform. No more dozens of unrelated results.

Also, we are now doing analytics on user behavior to rearrange the data and provide a better user experience. I.e. Datasets can now be sorted by popularity and soon all the assets will be related and recommended based on user interactions (think of "Users who have downloaded this dataset have also downloaded this one")


New datasets upload, Excel integration & Google Drive auto-update.

We also have a new data import experience. No more fighting with the CSV structure and date formats to have your data on the repo. You can now import CSV & Excel files and define the data structure on the fly

Also, we now have Google Drive Integration. You can connect your datasets to an excel or google sheet in your google drive and define how often you want the data to be auto-updated. The platform will the go get the data automatically.

Doing this, you can work on your own worksheets and you will automatically see your changes reflected in your Alphacast repositories, charts, and datasets!



Annotations on charts!

Finally, we have annotations on charts. You can add custom lines, circles, crosses, boxes, and freestyle. Every annotation is dynamic and will move as you update the timeline. You can change color, width, and overall appearance. Let us know what you think and if you need any other type of annotation

New Publishers: Econviews / CREEBBA / PICNA

Our hope of becoming a collaborative platform for data, economics, and financial research is having a great leap forward. Three Publishers are now publishing their content on Alphacast: Econviews, one of the most renowned economic consulting firms in Argentina for more than 20 years, CREEBBA, the Research Center for Economic Studies from Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires and PICNA, the National Account Studies Center from the University of Buenos Aires.




New State Level Maps!

We added Sub National level maps. You can easily map the data by having the state as your entity. The editor will recognize the State and map it accordingly and if it doesn't you can match your data with the map geographies. World Map, US, Brazil & Argentina are already on board and we are adding new maps on a daily basis. If you need a specific map just let us know!!

New insights view & Staff Picks

We have a new view for exploring the Insights. A nice, compact, dynamic view of the insights that will be customized with the content from the users and team you follow. Also, we began collecting our "Staff Picks" where you can find the curated insights and charts from the community and social network.


New charts and editing options

Many many many new options for the charts. From the chart editor now you can: you can now mix graphs with bars and lines, add a secondary axis on any series, select the position of the legend, Font family, color, axis width, hide markers and gridlines, smooth lines, stacked and unstacked bars, and more.

Have a nice weekend!!

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