Alphacast Friday Update - December 10th

In previous updates we've described many features like new insight view, new charting experience, improved search, followers and following, import from Google Drive and Excel, autosync, open-source and more. We are really happy because today's news complete the product objectives that we had set for in Q4:2021. Stay tuned as many exciting things are coming in 2022!!

New Home section and navigation

You may have notices that the navigation of the platform has changed. There are now three distinct sections: Home, Explore and Learn


  • Home is where you will find your stuff and the stuff from your team. It works as your workbench. You can find your repositories, those you follow and those from your network. Your bookmarks, datasets and more.
  • Explore is where you can search for ideas, repositories and data. This was the basic experience of Alphacast up to now.
  • Learn is where you can, well, learn how to use Alphacast, find documentation, examples, templates, etc.

We are looking forward on hearing your thoughs on what else would you like to find here.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is finally here! You can suscribe yourself or your team directly to the premium content of our publishers for example here and get instant access to their repositories, datasets, insights and charts.

If you want to be part of our marketplace and offer your product write us to


New chart types and options

Our charts engines now has many more features. Users can now:

  • Create lines and bars on the same chart (soon also area charts will be available)
  • Add annotations to charts
  • Show the lines & bars in absolute or stacked mode, and stacked up to 100%
  • Move data from primary to secondary axis.
  • Change the width of the line, the marker size and smoothing factor
  • Offset the lines both in X and Y axis and clone variables (usefull for comparing periods)
  • In the Customize Tab, you can allow users to do running sums or relative changes on the fly and to make year comparison month by month within the same chart.



Thanks! Have a nice weekend

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