Alphacast Friday MEGA update - February 25th, 2022

Today is one of those weeks where we can celebrate a new set of features that will have a major impact on the way users can interact with Alphacast. In our previous update we've described how we are working to improve the overall data search & explore experience. This week we have deployed in production three new groups of features (1) Financial & Technical Analysis Toolkit (2) new data integrations and (3) new community content sections.

Financial and Technical Analysis Toolkit.

A couple of months ago we began to work silently on a new set of features requested by users and clients that are finally coming to light. The final objective is to use the pipeline's engine to perform full no-code financial analysis, trading strategy design, and portfolio back testing.

As a first step towards this goal, we have just launched a new step on the pipelines to estimate 130 metrics on financial assets, Metrics include a number of cycles, momentum, volatility and volume Indicators, standard overlap studies, patterns recognition techniques, or statistic functions.

This is an example dataset of every metric estimated for AAPL

Check out this insights for a full list of functions

Calculating any metrics involves two steps:

  1. Load the financial data you want to analyze. Most of the metrics will require open, close, high, low, volume variables to work properly. You can load data directly from Yahoo Finance (see more below)
  2. Add a step "Technical analysis". The interface is quite straightforward. Select the function group, the function, the parameters, the prefix (optional) and press save. The new variables will be added to the dataset.


We are working on new steps to allow for full backtesting, no code trading rules, and more. Stay tuned!

New data integrations. Yahoo Finance.

We now allow pipelines to be fed with data other than Alphacast datasets. Particularly we have created an integration with Yahoo Finance and many more are coming soon. Yahoo Finance has information on hundreds of thousands of financial assets, stocks, bonds, ETFs, Indices, which are now easily accessible using Alphacast pipelines.

Creating a dataset or pipeline by importing from Yahoo finance is as simple as

1 Create a new pipeline

2 Choose as data source "Yahoo Finance"

3 Choose as many tickers as you want, separated by commas: Example "NQ=F, AAPL, MSFT" and the period you need

4 Press "Save" to save the changes in the Step

5 Ready! You can now publish the dataset that will include open, close, high, low, volume, dividends, and stock split data.


New Community Section

As we've described in our last update user-created content is growing. We want the community to be at the heart of the platform experience so we have created a new Community Section where you can find data from our publishers, the content of those you follow, latest and trending insights, staff picks, and new Alphacast content, and more

Also, you can now filter the content while exploring insights. Search specific categories or countries


Hope you enjoy using the new features as much as we are enjoying creating it!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend

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