Carry Trade: The Return of the King

By Mariano Sanchez Moreno

"The carry trade is back, long live the carry trade. Throughout Treasury's auctions we might see that when the rates in pesos were positive after hedging through FX futures (ergo investing in ARS yields USD gains) the FX faced less devaluation pressures. During the lasy weeks, the carry trade helped to “calm down” the dollar, which appreciated by 22% from the peak of ARS 244 at the end of last January.

Will this FX peace last? The rate hiking by BCRA turned the spotlight on carry trade strategies, but it is currently offset by both rising futures’ prices and an accelerating inflation. Besides, there is an additional variable that could push-up the depreciation pace of the peso: the BCS’s cost, which is at a 15-month low. That said, it could encourage investors to take advantage of the state of affairs and to wire their USD abroad."

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Mariano Sanchez Moreno

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